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" Just wanted to tell you how awesome Trevor is. He came to our home last week and replaced some flex duct leading to the furnace and gave our furnace the once over and installed a new Honeywell thermostat‚Ķ..we are thrilled with his work and we will be using him going forward."


" have competition for my service person crush!  LOL!  No being serious Trevor is great.  He is honest and does good work...and he cares!
It took about a week to get everything in line so that I felt confident to use the AC system again...The ducts were cleaned Tues. & Trevor did the installations on Wed. and turned the AC on for the first time this season!
Thank god as I had sweat rolling down my back the day before and I wasn't even working in the attic!  Paul and I are now the proud owners of two whole house HEPA filtration systems w/ UV lights.  We didn't see the point in doing just one furnace so we did them both.  We also went ahead and up-graded the humidifier for the lower level.  I now am confident that my venting system is secure and properly installed (Thank you! Sir),  I also, for the first time feel that my heating/cooling system is operating properly and to it's highest efficiency.  You are a wealth of knowledge and a great source for many things so thank you, Mr. Lynn! "